Working surgery for Watin.Net. All examples were created within Visual Studio 2008 set up for C# language. My aim is to show simple complete examples of working code mainly focused around google's website. By doing this will allow you the user to apply these examples to an actual website for themselves. If you are new to WatiN I suggest you follow the posts in order.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Post Two - Install IE Developer Toolbar

This is a must have accessory that makes getting information from the browser object (DOM) easy. Go to the following url: '' and in the 'Search' textbox enter 'ie developer toolbar'. When the page loads follow the download and install instructions. All the following descriptions relate to IE7. After installing close your current ie browser and open a new ie browser.
Click on the '>>' arrow icon displayed next to the 'Tools' option in the ie menu bar and select the 'IE Developer Toolbar' option. The toolbar will now display in the bottom third of the browser. For full instructions on how to use the ie toolbar click the instructions link on the download website. To get quickly into action with the ie toolbar click the 'Arrow overlaying a box' icon from the ie toolbar menu.
Now whatever you hover over in the browser will highlight with a solid blue border.
Clicking an item/link will now show all its information within the ie toolbar. Try it out. When you want to return to normal actions just click the 'Arrow overlaying a box' icon again to disable it.

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